The European Commission puts forward proposals to improve the representation of apprentices on international mobility

On the 15th of november, the college of european commissioners gathered withtin the framework of the mobility of competences and talent package. European commission presented renwed objectives to tackle international mobility of students and young citizens, especifically apprentices. This proposition, coupled with a set of recommandations, aims to stenghen « the share of graduates with […]

The European Commission takes a step forward in mobility for people with disabilities

The European Commission has put forward a proposal concerning the mobility of people with disabilities at the beginning of the 2023 academic year. Our network is particularly attentive to the measures and mechanisms put in place at European level to improve the mobility of students with disabilities. As executive body, the Commission gives priority to […]

France: first steps towards the creation of an erasmus for apprentices?

On 12 May, the French National Assembly voted in favour of a bill designed to facilitate the international mobility of apprentices. This first step towards an apprenticeship erasmsus is part of the structural reforms that the French government has launched into the professional training of young people. There are no fewer than one million apprentices […]