Poitiers, the city of a hundred churches, is characterised by its large student population. Indeed, 30,000 students are studying at the many higher education and research institutions such as the University of Poitiers and the various renowned grandes écoles. The wide range of educational options also attracts a large number of international students, with over 4,300 students on international mobility programmes in Poitiers.

International student mobility is a priority for Poitiers. The city is committed to promoting it in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way. It has therefore launched an eco-responsible mobility initiative called the “Défi”, which has been running for the past three years now. This initiative entails a financial incentive to encourage and support young people from Poitiers to go to a European destination (Marburg in 2021, Coimbra in 2022 and Pavia in 2023) by using environmentally-friendly means of transport (train, bike, bus, walking, etc.).

Poitiers is also a partner of several university alliances, encouraging the development of international mobility through exchanges and the sharing of experience. As a matter of fact, the city is a partner in the EC2U (European Campus of City-Universities) alliance, a network of 7 universities around Europe and coordinated by the University of Poitiers. Poitiers also takes part in the activities of the Coimbra Group, founded in 1985, and bringing together 40 universities working together to promote international mobility of its students and researchers.



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